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                        To achieve and maintain world market requirements, Thai Mitsuwa employs state-of-the-art technology and technical know-how from Japan in each of its seven advanced production facilities. The company’s first factory, a 3,000 sq.m, plant, plus paint, screen and assembly lines.The second facility of 1,350 sq.m, comprises screen and assembly lines. The third plant of 1,350 sq.m, includes mold making, design, modifications and maintenance facilities. The company’s fourth factory of 1,250 sq.m, contains the paint components for Automotive parts. The fifth factory of 1,500 sq.m, combines examples of all typens of the company’ s production processes. The sixth factory of 3,584 sq.m comprises injection and spray lines. In addition, 1, 152 sq.m and 1,000 sq.m The seven factory of 1,960 sq.m , warehouses have been constructed to store and protect both raw materials and finished goods. Each factory is equipped with a quality control team to ensure only the finest quality products are delivered to customers around the world..


Our History

                        Thai Mitsuwa Public Company Limited was established in November, 1987 and has started operating since July, 1988.
                       The company initially started operating with 80 employees and 6 molding machines mainly focusing on Home Appliances. With the sophistication of market needs actively becoming more multifaceted, the frequent demands have been increasing and have been growing to expand our business together with our customers both domestically and internationally.