Thai Mitsuwa Public Company Limited


Head Office

Head Office Head Office

THAI MITSUWA PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED has started operating since July 1988.
With an initial  45 workers ad 6 molding machines. business has been started centered around main home appliance and expanded aggressively with the growth of customers. while increasing the demand from domestic and overseas, the advance of market needs and diversification have been developed.
The plant has since then extended and has long-established in the plastic industry of Thailand, boasting its 1,300 workers and 121 molding machine, which are engaged in every kind of leading edge products such as hone appliance. audio visual equipments, office automation equipments, etc. We have been making an effort to secure further trusts from the market daily.


Thai Mitsuwa (Korat)

Korat Korat

In October 2003, the company has been listed on the Marker for Alternation Investment (MAI) and built and started operation a second plant in Korat since 2005
In pursuing the Mitsuwa’ s spirit of developing uncultivated frontiers, new
corresponding methods such as weldless  molding was introduce to the plant, as well as extra booths for UV and hard coating, handling design panels of car audios, audio-visual equipments and car exterior parts such as mount switches have been developed.


Mitsuwa Electric Industry (Japan)

Japan Japan

Innovations in technology with eyes-focused on market trends and realization of global procurements.
            Ever since the start of our business MITSUWA has kept on innovating its technology for plastic injection molding. The company has been pioneering the industry by implementing technologies and facilities of top-class, particularly in the domain of large size plastic moldings (the high grade skill holders of plastic molding is on the register) MITSUWA is flexibly capable of dealing with a wide variety of small size plastic moldings, too. Furthermore, we can deploy the mold building globally in order to meet our customer needs for cost, delivery, and quality.


Mitsuwa Vinaplast (Vietnam)

Vietnam Vietnam

Established in December 2005, mainly handles molding process production of office automation equipment, motorcycles, and daily medical goods. Facilities for special technologies, such as gas injection and mold maintenance had been introduced in order to meet customer’s requirements. In 2009,  painting and printing facilities were introduced in accordance with the market’s needs, making it possible to handle production of an even wider variation. We intend to continue our innovations, in order to expand our activities and cultivate further into the decoration segment.
                With engineering supports from Mitsuwa Group, we have established a production system for molding process making quality top priority, together with speedy response .
                Meeting customers’ need with customer quality first


Vinaplast  is an integrated plant with a capability of not only producing, but also painting and printing on plastic parts, ranging from small to large sizes.



Mitsuwa Precision Plastic Wuxi (China)

China China

Since its start of operation, MITSUWA PRECISION PLASTIC (WUXI)CO.,LTD. Has constantly improved and innovated its technologies for its plastic injection molding, printing, and laser.The motto here at this plant is to enhance its technologies combined with its service and speed, in order to respond to the increasingly sophisticated and diversified customer needs.
                Emphsizing quality, delivery, and cost as top priorities, MITSUWA PRECISION PLASTIC (WUXI)CO.,LTD covers a wide range of products including precision parts for automobiles.